View Full Version : Can screen drawing be delayed until layout is complete? (Ext JS 3.x)

15 Nov 2011, 6:36 AM
I'm trying to solve an aesthetic problem with Ext JS 3.x, where I'm using a Viewport with a collapsible 'east' region containing many panels of tools and icons in an accordion layout.

Problem is, the icons for the tools are drawing in the center region at the left side of the screen before the layout is complete and then they jump into the correct position. This causes a messy flicker-like effect.

Is there a way to buffer drawing of objects in the Viewport until positioning and layout are complete, maybe some events/methods/properties I can leverage?

I've noticed there is a waitMsg property on form containers, but I'm not using a form. Can the "Loading.." messages be displayed while a Viewport loads?



18 Nov 2011, 1:39 PM
You can render them when they are hidden and accomplish this... when all is done then show the viewport.