View Full Version : How to use an object in a grid's cell

3 Nov 2011, 10:06 AM
Hi, sorry for the trouble but i'm trying so hard to use an object's field in a grid's cell but i want that the store posts and update the whole object.

I inserted the value through the store to the column and i got my object in the cell of the grid.

Using a renderer in the column i shown the value of the field in the grid in this way:

dataIndex: 'myObj',
width: 30,
sortable : false,
renderer: function(val, meta, record){
return record.data.myObj.myField;

My problem is when i'm tryin to edit the cell, with a textfield, i'm actually editing the whole object but i want to modify just the specified field and send back my modified object.

If i use the mapping in the store, to get just the field, the post that the store is generating, when updated, is just of that single field and not of the object.

Can please someone give me any idea?

Thank you very much