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2 Nov 2011, 2:14 PM

I have been playing about with the pre-release using a simple 3 tab application which you can find here => http://ppmobi.pinpointers.com. It displays a list of Locations on the second tab and a Map display on the third tab. Double tapping\clicking a list item takes you to that location on the map (theres a bug in my code where this doesn't quite work on the first item you double tap in that the map doesn't centre to the location correctly)

I know you have spent considerable time improving the performance of the API to deal with Android related issues, e.g. fighting against the OS timers, but I seem to be facing some performance issues when testing on my HTC Wildfire (Android 2.2.1) and I wondered if there are still improvements you guys are working on for the release candidate.

It seems a bit sluggish to load up my app at first, I get a white screen for a number of seconds and then the home page appears. When I try to click on the Locations tab it doesn't register the tap, and then after say 5 seconds I can tap it again and I then get the list as expected. When scrolling the list I get both the list and the browser vertical scroll bar, although at times the browser scroll bar will go away and I can carry on scrolling the list and then suddenly the browser scroll bar re-appears and then tries to scroll the whole application.

When viewing the map display, if I perform some actions such as panning around the map, tapping a marker on the map to view an infoWindow, pan around some more and then try to switch to back to the Locations tab, the Locations tab icon highlights but the list panel does not appear I just stay on the map panel. I can carry on using the map, but when I try and click either the Home or Location tabs, again they select but the panels do not switch at all.

Interestingly, if I select the Map tab again I get the list of locations back. This seems like a bug to me of sorts, can someone confirm if this a known issue? Is this to do with being on an older Android firmware version, or a hardware constraint of the HTC Wildfire perhaps?


Jacky Nguyen
2 Nov 2011, 2:48 PM
Those issues you mentioned are due to the combination of:

1. HTC Wildfire is a very low-end Android device (~500MHz CPU). We've optimized everything we could for Android, but there's always a baseline of hardware requirements for the framework to perform considerably well. Unlike in iOS, without having GPU acceleration at all, the framework relies solely on CPU power. Fortunately Android platform is growly incredibly fast and new devices are coming out almost on a weekly-basis with powerful CPU (almost all recent devices come with at least 1GHz CPU and plenty dual-core ones). You would see a day-and-night difference when trying Sencha Touch 2 on any of those devices.

2. HTC Wildfire runs HTC Sense UI, which has a legendary bug with frozen timers typically on HTC devices. This issue only got fixed by HTC recently and rolled out to fairly new device generations, running Gingerbread (2.3) and later.