View Full Version : Refresh behavior in Ext.PagingToolBar

15 Oct 2007, 1:04 PM

I have been using various parts of ExtJS for a while. Recently, I have started using the PagingToolBar, and started making customizations to it. In general, the component works well, and is fairly easy to configure.

However, the refresh button behavior seems to puzzle me. In the code, I noticed that it is calling:

case "refresh":
ds.load({params:{start: this.cursor, limit: this.pageSize}});

This is not what I have expected. The whole Ext.data.Store component is designed such that reloading can be easily done. I don't understand why the code is calling ds.load() rather than ds.reload(). This causes all the existing parameters to be lost, except the paging parameters.

Is this an intended behavior, or is this something that should be modified? :-/

15 Oct 2007, 1:19 PM
I would like to append to this that the entire onclick event handler seems to use the same ds.load() mechanism, which causes past load parameters to be lost.