View Full Version : (ext4) do I have to use Model objects?

31 Oct 2011, 3:21 PM
Excuse the absolute novice question - not helped by the fact that I want to do complicated things

I need to use tree and grid. But I want to be in total control of the data flow in and out (share store between them, async load from server, ....). It seems that I must use a TreeStore for the tree and that for the TreeStore I must define a Model Is that correct? Or can I make my own Store that doesnt need Model object? Same for grid

Model seems to add a whole bunch of behavior that I dont want (I suspect that its close to what I am trying to do; but I want to be in control)

My first plan was to create my own proxy under treestore and arraystore; this seems OK but I still end up with all the Model stuff

1 Nov 2011, 5:37 AM
If you don't want the stuff that comes along with using Models (associations, validations, etc) then no you do not.

You can specify the fields on the Store:

Ext.create('Ext.data.Store', {
/* ... */
fields : [....]

1 Nov 2011, 5:38 AM
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