View Full Version : Static header with zoom/pinchable content. is it possible ?

29 Oct 2011, 8:14 PM
so i am looking at the kitchen sink examples and see that in the google map example, the maps are zoomable but the header stays static. this is exactly what i am looking for but without google maps. i just want an image 'gallery' of some sort, where my images are zoomable but the header stays the same size absolutely positioned on top.
is this possible in Sencha 2. if so, could you point me to an example ?
my dev shop is looking at both jquery mobile and sencha for our next project, and this is a key feature that is needed. i havent had any luck finding JQM examples that work well on both iphone and Android and i am really pushing for Sencha :)

30 Oct 2011, 2:51 AM
Interesting. Iīm looking for Ext.Image zooming, too. Iīve several images inside an Ext.Carousel and the user should be able to zoom those images.

30 Oct 2011, 5:30 AM
Last 2 1/2 hours I tried to get this working. Iīve a first working demo, but doesnīt work very well. Maybe you can build upon this. I havenīt time the next days:


greetings Sunny

30 Oct 2011, 5:43 AM
Found one more link:


30 Oct 2011, 5:47 AM
Or maybe you can copy something from openlayers:

30 Oct 2011, 6:36 PM
thanks for the replies guys!
i will take a look at your example/links and let you know what i find...