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25 Oct 2011, 1:12 PM
Sometimes selecting one layer after another results in some glitch where it won't unselect the previous layer selected. If you look at this screenshot: http://www.elcaliban-design.com/screenshot.jpg it appears that multiple layers are selected simultaneously. Obviously this is not correct as Animator doesn't let you select multiple layers simultaneously. Which brings me to a major complaint, which is that not being able to select multiple layers simultaneously, by shift or command clicking is a major drag. If, say, as in the screenshot example, I'm duplicating multiple layers in the heat of designing, and I hadn't done what I was supposed to do, which is make the first layer a group/nest when starting, so each duplicate would appear in that group/nest, a.k.a. container (not sure why it's not called that anymore). That means I have to manually drag and drop each layer into that group, rather than being able to shift click all of them and drag and drop into the nest, as one would do with a bunch of layers in Photoshop, dragging and dropping them into a folder. That seems like a major feature that's lacking, and seems like it should be in a 1.0 release.

31 Oct 2011, 10:55 AM
Just to clear up some terminology: "Layers" in Animator is the same as Objects. Animator does let you select multiple objects, try using the command button and clicking on objects in the object tree (or the marquee selection on the stage).
We're working on removing the limitation of only being able to drag/drop one item at a time. One command that can be useful is the "Nest/Group" command that will put all the selected objects in a new parent object. Thanks for the feedback!