View Full Version : how to get selected value of combo box to grid

17 Oct 2011, 11:51 PM
I have a combo box in a form and am selecting its value and saving the form.............

On saving the form I want the value that I selected shd display in the grid.....but in grid all the values are shown of combo box i.e

I have 2 values in combo box : super-user and employee
now m selecting one value as super user in combo box and saving it......

so I shd get only super-user in the grid column but inspite of it m getting both the values i.e


so can U tell me that wat shd I do to get the selected value only from combo box........

this is my code for geting the value of combo box into grid....

role_id = Ext.getCmp("role_id").getValue(); roleId_store_grid.insert(0, {'roleIdInGrid':role_id}); roleId_store_grid.load();