View Full Version : onItemSelected List Event problem

17 Oct 2011, 1:35 AM
Hi guuuuys. I'm pretty new to Sencha, so this may be easy to fix, but I have an application made of 5 panels, each is fullscreen and you can change between them using menu. So your normal web page actually. 5th panel though is connected to list items in panel 4, it serves as details for list records. 4th panel on the other hand can be opened from panel 2 and 3 which are lists as well (serving as filters or so, it wasn't my idea to do it this way:P).

When I open panel 4 from menu everything works fine. If I open it from panel 2 or 3, 'onItemSelect' event of 4th panel simply doesn't run;o onItemTap event works perfectly, tho' I can't get record's data then:/

Thanks in advance;)