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13 Oct 2011, 5:22 AM

I load a template by the way of a function in my globals.js:

function loadURL(url) {
var oRequest = new XMLHttpRequest();
oRequest.open('GET', url, false);
oRequest.setRequestHeader("User-Agent", navigator.userAgent);

return oRequest.responseText;

and for exemple, in my view, i load this template:

tpl: loadURL(host + 'WPApp/app/views/ModuleDirectory/templates/DirectoryInformationsPanel.html'),

In this template, i can access to all my store data, {name} etc ...
But i have an Image link, in my store,
and in the template DirectoryInformationsPanel.html, i load like that the image:

<img src={icon} title="thumb" style="float:right;">

and it doesn't work.

Before, i loaded the image directly in the view, by

tpl: '<img src={icon} title="thumb" style="float:right;"> '
and it worked.

How can i fixed it ?
thanks for help :)

17 Oct 2011, 7:47 AM
I think the link is good because i have the little thumb: [?] image but i don't know how to do the link.
It's maybe because i work in localhost ?

19 Oct 2011, 7:50 AM
That's strange,

Display image by template work in a simple template in dataView, and in list too ...
But Don't work in a nestedList ...
Before template, i could display this one without template ...

i checked some times my code and url in the browser give me the good image, then the link is good ...

What is wrong with the code ? or it can be a bug ?

Thanks for help