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12 Oct 2011, 2:06 PM
Hello, I'm completely new. I'm embarking on a quest to use Sencha Touch to create a mobile web application for an upcoming event at an organization that I volunteer for, the MIT/Stanford Venture Labs non-profit in Palo Alto, California. It's time sensitive so it's for an event next October 18, 2011 (Tuesday).

With each blunder I make ;) I will show workaround, and then show what I did wrong, why I did it.
This is useful because I'm a total newbie. I've done time as a product manager, so this is every software engineer's perfect revenge! Just kidding. As a newcomer to programming who isn't lazy or stupid, I will show how sheer persistence and the help of the horde proves humankind to be capable of making the world a better place and that Sencha Touch is learnable.
At the end of this journey, I'm going to clean things up, revamp my avatar so I look like I wear powder blue dress shirts and belted polo khakis every day, and hand over the documentation, much more civilized, to the Sencha Touch crew.
Right now I have something half in skeletons at:

jquery mobile

Romy Ilano - ME
I'm a start-up entrepreneur. I've worked in mobile software projects in the past with international teams. That doesn't mean that you should throw tomatoes at me, because I'm damn good at it, but this does mean i suck, absolutely suck at coding. I've come a long way thanks to some great screencasts and reading a lot of "javascript for dummies" books!

I'm starting off at Ground Zero. I'm going to stick with Sencha-touch 1.1 // I'm also going to explore later in my life other frameworks for the mobile web, but so far I like Sencha. I also have the 45 day trial for the charting.

Title: VLAB Augmented Reality Event

The Intention of this is 2 fold:

Make the best ticketing solution possible
Give users a guide to Augmented Reality for the event
Solve headaches involving nasty event logistics.
incorporate a twitter hash feed pulling out #AR or #VLAB
Incorporate news feeds relating to each person
incorporate videos
forward looking

Find a way to easily integrate the Presdo API into this in the future

12 Oct 2011, 2:19 PM
The tutorials that are most useful... well they are all superuseful!

I don't think it's immediately obvious though if you are hopping around from VIMEO to another channel that the code is all available on GitHub and saved in trees. If that was explicitly pointed out in the process that would be newbie-tastic.
The mondrian example that's used on "Sencha Touch Guide to Idiomatic programming I & II" - this is superuseful! However for someone a little daft like myself, I had to go through it several times. I dunno, I love technical terms and words like idiomatic programming, but is there a way to just say "hey, this is the mondrian app" it has idiomatic programming! that is something like where you can flip your tablet and cell phone upside down and inside out and it doesn't look like crap! it gets clients off your back!"
I loooooveeeeeeeeeee the little MVC database listings. They rock the world. those little trees on the list demo are rad.
screencasts: everything is a screencast. I nkow that a lot of monetization strategy is aruond tutorials and sessions but I dunno, could it be possible to at least transcribe each tutorial? it would get a lot more people on board.
the easier the "free" documentation is, the easier it is for a particular developer to evangelize this stuff to her organization. People still have fights over how to use wikis or whether we should stick all our crap on which sever. Could you imagine me trying to convince a dev team no matter how "smart" to work together learn a new language? Trynig to get people to use Javascript is a PITA too. JS is so hated and misunderstood it has become cool.
I think the code scraps and tutorials were improved in the sencha 2.0 tutorials.
that monsters app was seriously cute in the carousel demo!

Ext.Application and Ext.Setup look virtually the same in use and practice. i think I am not that daft, but my understanding is that setup is a sexier lowerlevel version. you can name Application etc and do all sorts of polyandrous activity with other apps in the same app?
For beginners, is there a way to just point out the super basics? I know there are issues with saving memory and blowing up DOMs etc, but not everything has to be a fibonacci sequence to be clever. Explicitly throwing the window.open stuff out there is rad, and showing how to maneuver in a basic website.

13 Oct 2011, 3:09 PM
OK, I had to make a crucial strategic decision. I blame most of it on my lack of skill.

The great advantage of sencha touch is that you can create interactive experiences on the fly without having to go through a developer.

[No offense to developers but I've lost a lot of years of my life over stuff and fights over the definition of a user and the meanings of metrics and how to design a product, and it is really not that hard to learn this myself.]

In addition to that as an entrepreneur and a developer the greatest challenge we face is getting people who don't get it to not get in the way. They are deadly. They are great once you have buy-in but consider this: most of the people who stop innovation and make projects drop dead in their tracks use PC browsers that have some kind of microsoft internet explorer on them.

I do not think all microsoft products are bad and the new phone is great but the company has shown time and time again that they do not respect the consumer and the user experience. Imagine me trying to show sencha touch to a bunch of bottlenecking bureaucrats with fancy titles and huge egos who are out to make anything I or my group of cool developers fail.

The only defense i have is to make sure they can't kill my project. I think it's ok not to make sencha touch work on all browsers since you can't cover all badly written internet explorer software, but...

Is there a way to have cool people like me cover my [email protected]@ when I use sencha touch or ext.js so that I don't get killed by someone who spends all day playing solitaire and using Internet explorer?
We already have solid evidence that users of internet explorer have lower iqs and are resistant to change. maybe they are great people to go to a BBQ with but they are idea killers and destroy all good projects before they are started. Please help us protect ourselves against them.

I am not giving up on sencha touch yet! I'm finishing off the jquery mobile prototype right now. It's easy, my code sucks, but it's there and it makes people who would bottleneck and kill all of my projects not have an easy way to torpedo any great efforts. they have to be a little more conniving. At this point now that I have jquery mobile covering my [email protected]@@ the input I get is mostly of good intention and more fair and intelligently formulated, whether it is on my side or not.

I continue my journey.

- is there a version of armor to detect non web kit prowsers and not get our projects murdered?
- just because people use internet explorer doesn't mean they are bad people. it does mean other things and being able to get things done and respect great product design doesn't mean you are a good person necessarily.

Rock on!

13 Oct 2011, 3:12 PM
Oh yeah, a lot of cool people use firefox on their PCs and so if someone is impatient and thinks they know what they are talking about with respect to mobile, then they will instantly dismiss my sencha touch app as well. And you know how it is with mobile...

everyone has an opinion and thinks they know what they are talking about, but a lot of it is total BS. Mobile app design is very hard. I sympathize with all developer evangelists out there. What are you supposed to say when someone raises their hand and says "it's all android because this report says it is 5% more in the market!" as if that meant anything.

These suggestions are not direct criticisms of sencha touch itself but ways to protect bright minds and entrpereneurs in a world full of people who hate new ideas, who only superficially support innovation, and will find any excuse to squish anything that can't be destroyed slowly through design by committee.

Rock on!

Here are the screenshots:


13 Oct 2011, 3:25 PM
I've worked on various mobile software projects ranging from social networking to games etc. and dividing responsibiltiies is a good idea in concept but ultimately creates a crappy mobile product.

It is such a relief being able to prototype without the interference of a UX designer and developer who might not necessarily get alone--I guess if they are good then they are a benefit, but this stuff is really hard.

Even though I'm not a great product designers for mobile, i notice the quality rises immediately once fewer people are there to bottleneck. There are no UX designer tantrums to deal with, no fights reminiscent of the elementary school cafeteria between developer groups that one has to settle.

So while I don't advocate doing it -all- by yourself having sencha touch and jquery mobile sure as hell helps in the beginning when you should do nearly all of it yourself!