View Full Version : [FIXED] Export Project fails when background images are missing

7 Oct 2011, 2:34 PM
Evaluating the Sencha Animator - I've created an animation to demo on our project for SenchaCon - but we're getting a default error each time we attempt to export or preview the file. Any help would be much appreciated.

7 Oct 2011, 4:05 PM
Could you send me or post the project folder for me to take a look at it?

9 Oct 2011, 3:19 PM
I've attached the project file (zipped) and a screen shot of the error screen. Thanks!


9 Oct 2011, 3:20 PM
Sorry, I zipped up the project file, here is the entire folder.

10 Oct 2011, 9:31 AM
Nice animation! And thanks for helping us find the bugs :)

So what happens is that you have a background-image enabled on most of your object, but with no image given, and that seems to stop the export. So for now, if you disable the background-image property where it is not used it should export fine.

Obviously, Animator shouldn't fail like it does when you export with a missing background image so we will definitely fix this soon.

10 Oct 2011, 8:11 PM
Thanks! That worked perfectly. I know it still might have some bugs, but seriously great product you guys have here. Nice work and thanks for the help!