View Full Version : Dispatch to same controller and action

7 Oct 2011, 6:41 AM

I have implemented a schedule using a list backed by a store. When I click the "next day"-button in the view, events with day_id+1 should replace the old list items. As I see it I have two options.

Update the store and repaint the list or dispatch to the same controller action with the new id. The first option seems more correct to me, but I've only been programming ST for a few weeks. I want history support and a card switch animation on the button click. So I decided to try first to implement it using dispatch to the same controller and action.

The view has two routes:


This way I can make use of the historyUrl to be able to go back. Problem is that I don't get an animation when I do it. Is the dispatcher smart enough to skip the dispatch or what is happening?

Many thanks,