View Full Version : Problem showing legend in SenchaChart

7 Oct 2011, 12:54 AM
I've implemented a Chart that needs to be populated after its creation.
Here is a snip of the object i created:
MyApp.views.chartPanel = new Ext.chart.Panel({
id: 'chartPanel',
title: 'Pie Chart',
items: {
cls: 'pie1',
theme: 'Demo',
store: null,
shadow: false,
animate: false,
insetPadding: 20,
legend: {
position: 'top'
pass: function(id) {
The pass function is invoked and chart is populated but i cannot see the legend that is shown only if the users double-click on the window and resets the chart.
How can i correctly show the legend?
Thanks in advance and greetings