View Full Version : Line chart problem in extJs 4.0.2

5 Oct 2011, 3:56 AM

I use ExtJs 4.0.2 to develop my application. I'm trying to make a line chart with a store that uses a loader to fetch remote data. The fetching works fine, data comes in and gets decoded as expected (proof for this is that another chart tied to that very same store is rendered as expected).

However, when I tie my line chart</span> to this datastore and launch my application, the chart plots the following values: (0,0)(1,1)(2,2)(3,3)(4,4)(5,5)... which have absolutely nothing to do with what's in the store.

When I insert data directly into the store using "data" config lines, then the line chart is rendered correctly.

Like mentioned above, when I switch the type of chart to <strong>column</strong>, and I use the store filled with remote data, everything is fine.

Could anyone please tell me if there is an identified problem with line charts, or if I missed something?

I saw in the release notes that fixes were made on line charts in this very version of extJS... could it be that there remain undiscovered problems ?


19 Aug 2013, 4:23 AM

I've noticed the same issue in version 4.2.1. It appears with using store with XML reader - line chart renders data wrong way - as straight line, the same sample with JSON based reader works correctly.

It looks that two years are not enough to fix it...