View Full Version : How to add image or text dynamically in a combination of AreaChart with RadarAxis

4 Oct 2011, 10:27 PM
Hi Friends,

I am new to Gwt and i have a situation in which i already have an AreaChart with RadarAxis where i need to add a text or an image based on a condition . So can u please help me that how can i do this task.

Actually the scenario is that we are using the same chartPanel from two different pages but now i have a condition that if the chartPanel is called from the second page then we need to put some indicator on the chartArea.,that can be achieved either by adding a text or some image .

Kindly suggest how this can be done and what will be the appropriate way of achieving this.


6 Oct 2011, 11:21 AM
If I understand your question correctly you want to use an image like in this example: http://teethgrinder.co.uk/open-flash-chart/gallery-bg-image.php

Unfortunately there is not an explicit method for this option in GXT. You might want to try using the generic set command in the ChartModel with "set_bg_image".