View Full Version : What are all the ExtJS Style Sheets for?

3 Oct 2011, 12:54 PM
Where can I find information about the selection of style sheets in ExtJS. I see nine versions. I presume to know what some of them are, if someone can fill in the blanks for me and/or tell me where I am mistaken (if I am).
ext-all.css - General style sheet for cross-browser support
ext-all-access.css - ?
ext-all-gray.css - ?
ext-all-scoped.css - General cross-browser support when scopeResetCSS is true
ext-ie.css - Style sheet exclusively for use with IE
ext-ie-scoped.css - Exclusive IE style sheet when scopeResetCSS is true
ext-sandbox.css - ?
ext-standard.css - Style sheet for standards-based (non-IE) browsers
ext-standard-scoped.css - Standards-base style sheet when scopeResetCSS is true


3 Oct 2011, 1:28 PM
ext-all-access.css - ? (Accessibility Theme... check the demo on the ExtJS product page)
ext-all-gray.css - ? (Gray theme, exactly the same as default. Just gray.)

ext-sandbox.css - ? (For use when you have ExtJS3 and ExtJS4 sandboxed on the same page)