View Full Version : Celleditor: Tab Key Navigation on Editor Grid Columns only.

1 Oct 2011, 4:32 AM
I am looking for tab key navigation only on editor columns.
Here I also tried with tab Key Direction from "left to right" to "up to down".
* @public gridEditorKeyNavigation
* @params field, e(event), cellEditor (Plugin)
function gridEditorKeyNavigation(field, e, cellEditor) {

var cm = cellEditor.grid.getSelectionModel();

if (cm.getCurrentPosition() === null) {
cm.setCurrentPosition({ row: 0, column: 4 });

if (e.getKey() == e.DOWN) {
var dir = e.shiftKey ? 'up' : 'down';
var pos = cm.move(dir, e);
if (pos) {
cm.wasEditing = true;

From Above mentioned code I am able to select the next row column for a moment & then it have a selection only.:-/
(not in editor mode just have selection like keyTab.)
Can anyone show me what I'm missing or point me in the right direction? Thanks.