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29 Sep 2011, 4:25 AM
Since upgrading to FF7 the well praised garbage collection makes firefox useless as a tool to develop and debug web applications. I use EXT JS on my application and during development I have to use Firebug sometimes. I know they say that it makes it very slow, but right now I have the effect that I just switch a EXT tab in my application, the GC starts, and FF does not respond for between 10 - 60 seconds, right away I try to click somewhere, boom, there is the GC again...

Any suggestions?

Also posted in Firebug and FF groups.


29 Sep 2011, 6:47 AM
I use FF7 and Firebug during development of EXT JS, and haven't experienced the same issue. It's all working smoothly. Is your Firebug up to date? I use 1.8.3b1.

29 Sep 2011, 7:10 AM
Same setup here, without an issue: FF7, Ext 4, and Firebug 1.8.3. Do you have any extensions for Firebug that could be causing problems? The only one I use is Firecookie.

29 Sep 2011, 4:55 PM
Same here, no problems... FF7, FB 183, Illuminations, and YSlow. How do the extjs example's run in your setup? Running them could help you determine if it's your code or something screwy in your browser....

30 Sep 2011, 7:42 AM
I am no step closer to finding the solution. I upgraded to FB 1.9B3 yesterday and FF 7.0.1 today, which seems to help a little bit, but none the less, I experience regular hold ups. When I deactivate FB I havn't encountered anything, but only because I only can do it for like 5 minutes, then I have a problem that would require FB to check out ;)

Checking the Task Manager my FF consumes around 600 - 900MB of memory, I have a 4GB Centrino Duo Laptop.

So as it seems to have gotten a little better with the update, I keep you guys posted, if I discover any clue to the whole mess, besides that my installation of FF might be quite trashed, as I first installed something around 2.5 and have upgraded since then ;)

Thanks for the tipps!

30 Sep 2011, 7:54 AM
Chrome and Chrome Developer Tools (built-in) has always worked for me and I've never had any of the kinds of issues you describe.