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20 Sep 2011, 4:45 AM
I write here to ask you if there is some informations about how to do the Localization in Sencha Touch.
I have seen something on ExtJs but not in Sencha Touch.
Infact there isn't a 'locale' directory in 'src' directory of the bundle.

Someone could give me some info?

Thanks a lot!


20 Sep 2011, 7:21 AM
Sorry but ,regards this problem,I have ha question.
I have search many doc in the internet about some Localization in Touch and I have found this doc:

Release Notes for Sencha Touch 0.92

Release Notes: July 26, 2010
Version Number: 0.92
Download: here (http://www.sencha.com/products/touch/download.php?dl=publicbeta092)

New In This Release
This release focused on List, DataPanel, Carousel, layouts and general bug-fixing.

Added a commercial beta license which will expire 30 days after the 1.0 final release. Check the license in the SDK for further details.
Improved DataPanel. We now have the ability to render components into DataPanels. An example of this is to render an Edit button into a List item. This will allow for many of the requested features on the forums to be implemented more easily. This is also the foundation for List and upcoming NestedList improvements.
Refactored the List. The performance of the pinned headers has drastically improved. Added a disclosure configuration option that renders a disclosure button into each list item.
Added localization support to the library.
Added a lot of functionality to Forms. FormPanel now has a submit() method, Select components can be bound to stores, and added support for more HTML5 properties like autoCapitalize. Minor updates to most field types.
Android forms now work better. Select boxes on Android are still broken.
Include a new cross-platform JSBuilder that will allow the developer to create a custom build of the library. This can help reduce the file size of the library drastically.
Fixed several reported bugs.

I have read all the directory of the downloaded sencha-touch-1.1.0 , but I haven't found anything regards the localization.......

have I search in a wrong way???

Hope someone give me an answer.

Bye and thanks

20 Sep 2011, 11:47 PM

21 Sep 2011, 10:15 PM
Please provide some information related to Localization in Sencha touch. I also not found any information related to sencha touch localization on internet.

Is Sencha Touch support localization ? If yes then please send / publish some tutorial for the same.

Thanks In Advance!!!