View Full Version : cardSwitchAnimation to false -> tabBar doesn't work properly

14 Sep 2011, 11:17 PM
Hi all,

is there a way to NOT use a cardSwitchAnimation (or make it look like there isn't one) with a tabPanel.
I don't want it to slide or fade er do anything fancy. But if I set it to false, the tabBar won't work properly... Any reason why?

my code:

KadanzaDemo.views.tabPanel =new Ext.TabPanel({ fullscreen: true,
name: 'tabpanel',

tabBar: {
cardSwitchAnimation: 'false',
dock: 'bottom',

layout: {
pack: 'center'


items: [


Thx in advance.

15 Sep 2011, 4:56 AM
cardSwitchAnimation defaults to null on TabBar.

On TabPanel it defaults to 'slide' so on TabPanel, specify false:

cardSwitchAnimation : false

15 Sep 2011, 5:12 AM
I tried that, but for some reason it only works if i click an item to the right of the active one... So i can view all my tabs once, but when i get the one on the right, i can't use my other tabs.
It acts really strange, sometimes it just changes the title in the toolbar, sometimes just the content.
The active icon does change properly. Really strange.

But when i put it online (i was testing on a local server) everything seems to work fine... Any thoughts?

Anyway, it seems to work now, at least this time it does (the first time i tested it online it didn't work either), so i guess it's answered.


26 Jan 2012, 3:10 AM
I have the same problem. It doesn't change the content properly