View Full Version : Toolbar in one tab appearing in multiple tabs

11 Sep 2011, 1:53 AM
I am trying to do a simple application which has three tabs. and each tab having some components. I have an home tab which is shown by default after launching. i hava list tab and a tab for showing maps. There is a toolbar docked to top in list tab what happening when switching from the home tab to the map tab is that the toolbar which written in the list tab is appearing on the top of maps tab. Parts of the code i have written are shown below..

var tabpanel= new Ext.TabPanel({
tabBar: {
dock: ‘bottom’
defaultActiveTab: ‘home’,
fullscreen: true,
items: [{
title: ‘home’,
iconCls: ‘home’,
id: ‘home’,
xtype: ‘formpanel’,
items: [... ] // i have some list of components here.
title: ‘carslist’,
id: ‘cars’,
xtype: ‘panel’,
items: [{
xtype: ‘toolbar’,
title: ‘My Cars’,
xtype: ‘list’,
//.. code for list items are written here...
title: ‘Map’,
xtype: ‘map’,
useCurrentLocation: true,
mapOptions: {
zoom: 15

The toolbar in the cars list is also appearing in the map tab. I tried adding the toolbar using the dockedItems as well but the same thing is happening if done that way too.. Any help would be greatly appreciated.