View Full Version : Enlarge the Resize-Area of Columns in a Grid

7 Sep 2011, 7:09 AM
Hi at all,

i want to better up the usability of a grid i built. For that I want to scale up the area where the Columns of a grid can be resized.

I did that by setting the viewConfig-Param splitHandleWidth to 10 (defaults to 5).
This helped for the first columns as now the drag-Areas size got doubled.

All columns offer a bit of their own and a bit of the next columns size to be dragged by the user.

But for the most right column this didnt help. The column itself got a hdmenu so the size of the area inside the column isnt that large. The problem is, that the area AFTER the last Column is no column and so has "activeHdRef" == null so that "this.findHeaderCell(this.activeHdRef);" also is null. Thats why "handleHdMove()" only offers drag for the area inside of the last Column and so the last Columns resizearea is much smaler than the area of the other columns.

Anyone had this problem before, any workaround anywhere? Please please help me! :)