View Full Version : Adding new custom applications on Sencha desktop sample

4 Sep 2011, 6:20 PM
Greetings everyone... can anyone help me find some documentation about creating and or modifying applications for the desktop that comes bundled in the examples?

thanks in advance :)

5 Sep 2011, 5:13 PM
I don't believe there is any. I would advise learning JavaScript and ExtJS before attempting to understand that example. Going through the simpler examples is not a bad way to learn. Once you've got the hang of ExtJS the desktop example is reasonably straightforward. One thing to be wary of is to ensure you study the source files and not the minified classes.js. I've seen people trying to reverse engineer that example using classes.js and it's totally unnecessary, all the code is provided.

If you have any specific questions about how a particular aspect of the desktop works then feel free to ask but please be sure to study the simpler examples first or you'll just get overwhelmed by it.