View Full Version : CSS background images won't load after form submit in IE9

25 Aug 2011, 10:29 AM
I have a search form that, once submitted loads the results of the search query on a new page. When you press submit, however, it takes about 10 seconds or so before the next page is rendered, so I'm showing a loading box via Ext.MessageBox.wait() while the user waits for the next page to load.

The problem is in IE9, the border around the message box, which uses background images, isn't showing up.

I've done some digging around, and I've concluded that for some reason IE9 will not load any of the background images specified in the CSS after the form has been submitted (and the next page has begun to load). This is only happening in IE9. I know it's an issue with the form loading the next page because if I put a timeout of 200 milliseconds on the submit, it works fine.

Is anyone else experiencing this with Ext.MessageBox? Can anyone confirm that IE9 does not load CSS images on the current page after the next page request has begun? Is this a bug or intended functionality?