View Full Version : Grid columns broken in some browsers when num columns high

19 Aug 2011, 8:22 AM
As the number of columns in your grid increases the columns list (accessed via the dropdown arrow on the column header > Columns) fails to render properly. See the attached "Chrome+Firefox-bug.png" in the zip. NB this bug varies depending on which browser you use - IE 9 still renders the list ok (see "IE-ok.png").

I've attached a simple example (NB this problem is affecting a real grid in my production code, I'm not just being pedantic). To make the example I simply duplicated the first column in one of the Ext-JS examples (ext-4.0.2a\examples\grid\array-grid.js) a couple times till the bug appeared. There are 24 columns in the example grid - chrome and firefox don't render the Columns list properly, IE is ok. If you delete one (ie 23 cols) then the column list is rendered properly in all browsers. In my production code the problem occurred after 13 columns.

Unzip the file to ext-4.0.2a\examples\ - it will create:
- GridBug/array-grid.html
- GridBug/array-grid.js
- GridBug/Chrome+Firefox-bug.png
- GridBug/IE-ok.png

You should then be able to view the array-grid.html from your http://localhost/path_to_ext_examples/GridBug/array-grid.html

If anyone has a fix let me know, otherwise I don't think my subscription allows me to report bugs?

19 Aug 2011, 8:42 AM
Anyone can report bugs in the community Bugs forum - you only need a support subscription to post to Premium Help.

While I can't speak to your specific issue, I know that grid rendering (bugs, scrolling, performance, etc.) are all being addressed for the 4.1 release, which they're currently saying should beta in mid to late September.

If, however, you think you've found something unique - try reporting it!


19 Aug 2011, 9:01 AM
Thanks - will do, still finding my around the forums.