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17 Aug 2011, 6:56 AM
Good day guys,

hope u can help me with my questions.
I am building a free and open source software and as I understand I am allowed to use Sencha for FREE in this case for my application. So people will download my application and use it for their purposes. Is that right ?

Also for some people who wants I am selling hosting, so they can host this application with me. I guess this should be fine too?

What kind of a Sencha license documents I have to include into my download package to be it legally correct for people.

Thank you very much

17 Aug 2011, 7:31 PM
In the Product License and Sencha Care Support FAQs.

When should I use a commercial license?
If you’re going to build a commercial application with Sencha Products, you must write your application
code under the commercial license from the beginning of the application development process.

But is too simply.I also need the specific.

18 Aug 2011, 9:59 AM
[email protected] We can't give you legal advice but will be able to tell you what you need to do.