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8 Aug 2011, 5:48 AM
Good morning

You can generate a PDF of the contents of a window ExtJS. Note that the contended the sale may be edited at runtime to generate the pfd then.

I appreciate any help you can offer

8 Aug 2011, 7:10 AM
Do you need just to pdf from content of Ext.Window or something more?
I didn't understand this.

Note that the contended the sale may be edited at runtime to generate the pfd then

8 Aug 2011, 2:06 PM
I will try to explain better. The idea is to make a report. Each user should be able to edit the template to your needs. For example, an invoice or any other report. The idea is that the user after creating o updating your template, you can display data on screen and then generate a PDF and / or excel file.

The idea is to have something like this http://www.projectspace.nl/ where you can create a template and then generate the report on screen and then export it to pdf or excel.

Thanks for replying

9 Aug 2011, 5:15 AM

I have done smt like that. You can do this (without http request) at mozilla firefox but not in internet explorer. The only solution I found for this problem is to send the report data to server with http/post and create a pdf or excel file at server side and send back the binary file to client. That way user can choose to save or open the file.

* Since your data can be too many in some reports, send just one http post parameter that is in csv format. (smt like csv: par1;value1;par2;value2)

9 Aug 2011, 6:59 AM
Thanks for responding. What tool recommend me to generate the pdf or excel file?. Currently working with php server-side. I got a library called html2fpdf, looks very good because you can generate pdf from html code, but no proof to see how it works.