View Full Version : Using of CSS in Extjs

2 Aug 2011, 4:18 AM
I am new in extjs and I am trying to change some CSS standard in my web application.

I am trying,in this moment,to use this code :

var el = Ext.getDom("enterBtn");
Ext.DomHelper.applyStyles(el,'font:normal 22px tahoma, verdana, helvetica;');

where 'enterBtn' is a button on a FormPanel
I only want to make this (change from 11px to 22px the font dimension of the button) to check how is the use of CSS inside Extjs, but the Firebug console say me : ' el is null' ......?!?!


How can I make change to css inside extjs???

Thanks a lot:)

4 Aug 2011, 10:49 PM
I think you should with firebug or chrome developer tool or other look through html and
and find out css class.
Than change this class in css file.

Of cource it is possible to do it dinamic, but I think you want to do permanent changes.