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10 Jul 2011, 5:40 AM
I am curious about the capabilities of Sencha Touch.

I am looking to develop a web-app which i can use to keep inventory of a video collection. I need it to be able to work seamlessly from the back-end to the front. I am looking for it to be able to be run in an in-store server and will be running on multiple ipads. I would like it to be able to send weekly reports of what is in store and what has been removed.

On the display of the ipad i want something in between a plex and netflix feel. Simple coverflow with information about each video and if it is in stock or not. I would also like to be able to have catogories which include recently updated, top tens, genres, etc. I also would like a search option on each page which will be able to search tags (ex. Actors, Directors, Genres, etc.). There needs to be a shopping cart or queue which people would be able to mark videos wanted. Easy clearing option and checkout which would have nothing but the ability to remove inventory numbers and update to the in-store server. The video information can be input manually only on the server.

Is this all possible?
Thank you in advance.