View Full Version : [CLOSED] Viewing error in Sarari when export files from Windows Sencha.

4 Jul 2011, 4:26 AM
Love Sencha! It made making CSS animation so easy and enjoyable.

However, I've got a big problem here.

When I finished my animation in Sencha Animator, and export it to a folder that consists a html file and an assets folder, then browse the html in Safari, the order of all assets are wrong, and everything are laying on top of each other. It only works nicely in Chrome.

I thought it's my problem. But after I downloaded demo projects from your website, you know that Kinetic Type animation, and export the project to a folder, then view it in Safari, I've got the same problem. Please see the screen shot,


Could you please help me on this? If Sencha animation doesn't work on Safari, then how come all demo animations on your website work perfectly in Safari?

I've currently working in Windows. I do have a Macbook Pro, but it gives error message when I install Sencha says 'it doesn't work on this type of Mac'. I guess it's an issue of 64 bits. Can I download 32bits Mac version from your website?

Sorry for such a long question. :-? I really hope you could help me here! :D
Thank you!

5 Jul 2011, 8:30 AM
Hi Lilly,

Currently we're not supporting Safari on Windows. It seems to lack or have a buggy implementation of some of CSS3 animation features we use. We're discussing different fallbacks, but sure what direction we will take at this point.

We only have the 64-bit build for OS X.