View Full Version : Object Embeds... ex: YouTube Video Objects

18 Jun 2011, 10:07 AM
I'm attempting with no success to 'fool' the Animator into allowing a YouTube video embed to be an object by pasting the YouTube embed code into the HTML box of an undefined (not text, not image, not circle, etc.) object. It doesn't work..

Is there a way to do this, not just for YouTube vids, but for the hundreds of HTML-based objects out there that I'd like to be able to use animation to reveal, fadein, etc.


20 Jun 2011, 9:00 AM
Currently I don't think flash and videos are supported inside Animator. I did try to embed a video from youtube and it while it does not show up inside Animator (and seems to be hard to drag) it does work when exported.

A very different approach, for now, could be to put in "tags" such as "{youtube-video-1}" as the HTML Text, and then do a search and replace on the exported output with any objects that does not properly render inside Animator.