View Full Version : Disappearing Mask

17 Jun 2011, 5:15 AM
One thing I am always struggling with is how to keep the background mask from disappearing.
Here is the code to duplicate this issue.


onReady: function() {

var overlay = new Ext.Panel({
floating: true,
modal: true,
centered: true,
items: [
xtype: 'button',
text: 'Step 2) Show Alert',
handler : function(){
Ext.Msg.alert('Alert', 'Step 3) Close alert and return to overlay to see error', function () { overlay.show(); });

new Ext.Panel({
fullscreen: true,
dockedItems: [{
dock: 'bottom',
xtype: 'button',
text: 'Step 1) Show Overlay',
handler: function () { overlay.show();}
html: "Steps to reproduce the disappearing overlay"
});Any help on how to correct this would be greatly appreciated.