View Full Version : Help needed: Trying to put Dojo TabContainer in an ExtJS Viewport

16 Jun 2011, 5:38 AM
This is slightly more complicated as we're using Ext.NET (ExtJS packaged into .NET components). My motivation is that I have an ExtJS UI that works, but is not accessible, and working for a local government authority in the UK we actually have a mandate to provide accessible systems.

Basically, what I'm trying to do is replace the ExtJS TabPanel control with the Dojo equivalent, with no luck so far. I have a Viewport with FitLayout, and have set the Content (I assume equivalent to contentEl in pure ExtJS) to the Declarative form of a Dojo TabContainer (taken from a simple example). The Dojo TabContainer as a parent <DIV> that has absolute pixel height and width. I want it to fill the viewport, so I removed the containing <DIV> and now it just shows in pre-render format, then disappears on Dojo rendering it. I think this might be because through Ext.NET the Panel renders to an absolutely sized DIV, with an inner DIV for the Content with no height and width attributes defined. Incidentally, if I set this inner DIV's width and height to 100%, it works fine ('ish).

I'd love some ideas and feedback on how to do this, but I suspect I'll be told to revert to proper ExtJS, and not use the Ext.NET wrapper - either that or match and apply CSS to the extra Content to give it defined dimensions. But if anyone has any insight, please reply.

Thank you.