View Full Version : 'textfield' & "selectfield" components appear to "wrap" at the ends

16 Jun 2011, 4:02 AM

In a fieldset the 'textfield' & 'selectfield' components appear to "wrap" at the end ... the same effect is visible when viewing in Chrome / Safari ... it gets worse if I resize (smaller) the browser screen.

Same thing is happening in the Ripple Mobile Emulator (from tinyhippos.com)
Also - Safari does not show the spinner buttons on a 'numberfield' component.

The same effect happens when viewing on a 'live' web site.
Could this be a CSS issue in sencha-touch.css?

I've played with various css settings .. not found the cause
I've swapped my css for one that came with the Shoppinglist demo. Still no joy??

Anyone had this one & solved it? Any clues