View Full Version : Trouble with Map Panels

13 Jun 2011, 7:06 AM
Hi! I should probably start off by saying I'm quite new to Sencha so its highly likely I've made a silly mistake somewhere...

Anyway. I'm creating a map panel that uses a geo-location object to work out where the user is, plot them on a map and draw a route between that user and a pre-determined point at the same time as displaying an accuracy radius around the users location marker but I'm getting some very odd performance issues.

When I load the app in my browser I see hundreds of iFrames being created in the inspector which causes the panel switch animation to lag and the browser to go crazy. The map controls are also very small (when they are enabled) compared to a standard GMap.

Loading the app on an iPhone (3GS) seems to be generally OK - it's a bit clunky and occasionally Safari will crash out to the home screen when I move about the map.

These same issues happen when when I instantiate a vanilla map panel pointing to Cupertino so is there an issue with Seneca map panels or have I broken something? I've uploaded the code for the function that handles my map panels to the pastebin link below - please help :p