View Full Version : Issue with record Indexes being 'off'

10 Jun 2011, 3:23 PM
Hi - I have an issue where certain stores (and in turn their views) are bombing out onItemDisclosure because the JSON is being indexed incorrectly. For whatever reason, certain stores are creating a 'fixed' index for all records in the store. When i log the recordindexes to the console, all of my other stores are appropriately indexing 0,1,2,etc.

Some of my stores (which are no different than the others in nature) are returning a fixed index of '3' even though there are 1-2 records returned. For this reason, it's trying to locate the details of a record that doesn't exist at that position (out of bounds) --- any known issues that would cause this? I can provdie detailed code, but wondering if there's a known issue or common snafu that woudl cause such a thing to happen.