View Full Version : Partial validation of a Form

10 Jun 2011, 7:36 AM
I have a question regarding the possibility (or regarding a nice pattern) to use a partial validation of a specific form.

Our main form extends Ext.form.Panel which automatically creates a BasicForm for managing any Ext.form.field.Field objects that are added as descendants of the panel.

This is very convenient when we add our fields inside different containers in different JavaScript files and they are automatically added to the form. It also facilitates the validation of the entire object associated with the form before saving (or submitting).

Unfortunately it makes very difficult the partial validation of a single page/tab. So when only a page is visible, when you click a "next button", for example, we need to validate the current page/tab… but not the next one, so not the entire form. How should we model this ?

Thank you in advance.