View Full Version : Nested Lists and Tabs2

4 Jun 2011, 10:08 PM

Thanks for your help in "Errors".

The app I am trying to develop is a timetable for school.

My first idea was to use a Nested List but I don't know how to use Ajax and have no time to go and learn it. Is there a way to use a Nested List with manual input of data from 'index.js', Like a list. Also could i use a grouped list and use days as the grouping? My first Preference is to use a nested list.

The other problem I have had is that I used part of the tabs2 example to build the tabs part so the user would select a week either "week 1" or "week 2" then the day then it would show a list of the subjects in order of each period. But now i get a error when i view it in chrome.rather than explain here is the link http://www.redtone.com.au/tabs3 (http://redtone.com.au/tabs3). You will need to view it in chrome and use dev tools to see the error. if you want the files give me a email at [email protected]

Please help and thanks in advance
Matt (borden0108):)