View Full Version : PhoneGap with Sencha : Tabletstartup and Phonestart screen not working for Android

2 Jun 2011, 2:43 PM
Hi guys! I have read the thru the forums a little and maybe I have missed the answer to this question. I have seen this question many times but it seems everyone here with this startup screen issue, is using Ipad/Iphone devices.

i'm actually developing an Android based application but can't seem to get the start up screens working. just get a white screen and my javescript alert messasge. All i have so far is an alert message that does seem to work, just not the startup screens.

I have tried this on both an android tablet and phone in both portrait and landscape modes.

here is the code that im currently using.....

fullscreen: true,
tabletStartupScreen: 'tablet_startup.png',
phoneStartupScreen: 'phone_startup.png',
icon: 'icon.png',
glossOnIcon: false,
onReady: function() {

document.addEventListener("deviceready", function () {alert('PhoneGap ready');}, false);


Thought at the very least this would be the most simplest part of the app design ;-)

3 Jun 2011, 2:01 AM

tabletStartupScreen: 'tablet_startup.png',
phoneStartupScreen: 'phone_startup.png',
icon: 'icon.png',

this settings are specific for iOS and works only in a webapp.
If you are using phonegap you can set the resource (icon, startupscreen) in the res folder of your phonegap android project, same for phonegap/iOS in 0.9.5 in the www folder, in in the resource folder under www

3 Jun 2011, 2:49 AM
thanks alot steve for your help. I did get the startup screen to work thru phonegap, I was just excited to get my hands dirty using Sencha!! Again thanks again for your help.

3 Jun 2011, 7:13 AM
For iOS just drop a Default.png in the root of your app and iOS will take care of displaying it on startup.

Sameer Khan
8 Dec 2011, 4:47 AM
Hi, I got application glossOnIcon, Thank you very much for that..
But i am not getting phonestartup image and Home page of my Application. I am getting white screen only on Galaxy Tab...How to over come that problem...

please help ... Thanks