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2 Jun 2011, 4:44 AM
i have a dataview on the left side of my application and inside that i am displaying thumbnails vertically. I want to show only a portion of the thumbnails when loaded and when a thumbnail is clicked, that thumbnail should slide from left to right to get complete view of thumbnail(initaially only a portion of it is available). How this can be done? Please see the attached file.

2 Jun 2011, 12:39 PM
Check out this site:

It demos just about all the animation possibilities.

There are 2 possibilities that you will need to consider:

1. The thumbnails and the large images are different image files.
2. The thumbnails and the large images are the same image files.

For 1., you will need to fade out the thumbnail as it animates and fade in the large image to create a "seamless" transition.

For 2. you only need to just resize and move the image to the appropriate location.

Good luck!