View Full Version : offline mode: feasible to get access to local data (maps)?

1 Jun 2011, 10:15 AM

I am looking for a solution that can enable the mobile browser load a collection of tiled geo map/images from the server and store them in local mobile device, then could display them even in offline mode.

I researched something by using CacheManifest and LocalStorage in HTML5, and there is a very good tutorial at this site, but it seems that they can only handle with a small amount of data. Besides, WebSql seems to be a potential solution, but I cant really understand how to acheive it.

Basically, the features I want to have is: load tiled images from the remote server while in online mode -> store them in local memory -> show them while in offline mode

thanks for any hints!

13 Jun 2011, 7:30 AM
Does Sencha Touch work fine with FileSystem API of HTML5 in offline mode?