View Full Version : NestedList autoLoad

31 May 2011, 3:05 AM
Is there any way to prevent a NestedList from autoLoading?
I have an app where the user needs to log in in order to receive data from a server. But the NestedList, which is created on app startup, immediately tries to load data after creation before the login screen even shows. The TreeStore's autoLoad is set to false.

I suspect that it is either a bug or intended behavior. If it is intended then it is a bad idea since autoLoading should be the store's business imho.

In order to find out what's going on I inspected NestedList.js, TreeStore.js and StoreManager.js (StoreManager is used in NestedList) but I could not find any explicit calls to store.load().

I'm aware that I could just create the NestedList after the user has logged in but I still think NestedList should NOT autoLoad.