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27 May 2011, 6:14 AM

I'm pretty sure someone has already has done this (even though I couldn't find anything on google) so I'll ask before losing some valuable time over this.

I have an Ext.List in an Ext.Panel. I don't want the List to scroll (scroll: false,) while I want the Panel to scroll (scroll: 'vertical',).
My issue is that scrolling over the List will not scroll anything, so when the list has enough items to fill the screen, I am not able to scroll to the items underneath the List.

Thanks in advance.

27 May 2011, 6:36 AM
Got it...

I feel stupid, but if it can help anyone, I had an event listener overriding my lists behavior :

afterRender: function() {

this.mon(this.el, {
touchstart: this.handleEvent,
touchend: this.handleEvent,
touchmove: this.handleEvent,
touchdown: this.handleEvent,
dragstart: this.handleEvent,
drag: this.handleEvent,
dragend: this.handleEvent,
singletap: this.handleEvent,
tap: this.handleEvent,
doubletap: this.handleEvent,
taphold: this.handleEvent,
tapcancel: this.handleEvent,
swipe: this.handleSwipeEvent,
pinch: this.handleEvent,
pinchstart: this.handleEvent,
pinchend: this.handleEvent,
scope: this

... shame on me!