View Full Version : Is it save to use localStorage with Sencha Touch in a native Iphone app?

26 May 2011, 7:15 AM

I wonder if anyone has experiences with the use of localStorage together with Sencha Touch and Phonegap in a native (iPhone) app. I want to use it to store application data and I wonder how secure it is to completely rely on localStorage.

Using it with Sencha Touch as a Webapp I experienced some cases where the localStorage is completely gone. Mostly during heavy development. The app runs fine as a native app now, and there is no data loss so far but I'm not sure if the data will be still there after an update of the app or in other cases after a long time. Wether google or the apple dev center helped me out with really detailled information. Sure, localstorage is a long term storage and how secure is it in productive use? I found very little information about data loss in cases of hung up apps.

Maybe someone made the same considerations like me about this topic.