View Full Version : Checkbox and rowselect in grid

23 May 2011, 12:35 AM

First I'll explain what I'd like to achieve, after that I will clarify what my thoughts are.

I have a sales listing (grid), there are several possible actions within this grid. We only need to distinct two (in order to come up with a feasible solution).

1: a single rowselect. The user clicks on a sales order and the sales order opens.

2: the warehouse employees need to ship the orders. They select several orders and ship them.

My thoughts:

1: Like I said, with a click event.
2: With checkboxes, check the orders, click on the "Ship now" button (or something likely, doesn't matter for us) and all the orders will be exported to UPS.

How simple this may sound, I do not know how to combine those 2 actions. If I implement my 2nd action, the user needs to select an order and click on an open order button to perform the first action. That's not how I want it.

Does anyone have a suggestion?
You can also make a suggestion on the entire process I described. Feel free to comment!