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21 Sep 2007, 9:25 AM
I really dont like the way forms are masked by default; showing a progress bar for a process which has no linear progression (just a start and an end) is just wrong and can be confusing.
Adding the 'WaitMsgTarget: true' to a form gets me closer to what i want; I like the effect, but in my case (form in a dialog) it only masks the form, not the whole dialog which leaves the submit/cancel buttons still active and makes the dialog look odd.
Is there a way provide the WaitMsgTarget with a target (as its name would imply it is meant to be used) and still get the same effect of just setting it to true?
Or is there some other way to achieve what I want? (overriding Ext.MessageBox.wait globally or something).

21 Sep 2007, 12:12 PM
nevermind, i'm just dumb.
i was thinking for whatever reason that it could be fed with a BasicDialog object, not an element id or name as everything else uses.

13 Dec 2007, 3:15 AM
I have the same problem, how did you solve yours?


22 Aug 2011, 4:47 AM
same problem !

a form with a LoadMask(Ext.getBody(), ....)