View Full Version : [4.0.1] Performance regression in Firefox

18 May 2011, 11:30 PM

I have a view.View inside a Panel which uses an XTemplate to render table with about 200 cells inside (it's a calendar table just like the Week view in your typical personal calendar application). After upgrading to 4.0.1, the vertical scrolling of this thing got reaaaaally slow in Firefox. I used Firebug to profile it (see attached screenshot, that's a profile for "scrolling from top to bottom one time"), but can't really figure out how to fix this. Any tips on how to pinpoint the issue?

edit: sorry, this was already there in 4.0.0. It is caused by me overriding the "refresh" method of the view with a modivied version from AbstractView.js. View.js calls "clearHighlight" also, and when I do this, the performance problem is gone, although I really don't see how this method would affect anything... So, probably not a real bug...

Thanks, Chris