View Full Version : Too much data - grid causes "unresponsive script" warning

17 May 2011, 7:20 AM
Hey all,

I am in the midst of replacing a terrible shopping site with a pimped out Ext version, but I have one issue that is causing users to question the might of Ext. We have a dataview of items that can each be opened into a grid with availability of that item from different vendors in different amounts. Sometimes users know that they are going to order every item in the dataview, and they want to see one grid with availability for 50-100 items. Some of the more common items have 200+ availability rows, so putting them all in one grid absolutely kills the browser. I am currently paginating that grid which solves the issue, but users are frustrated because in the crappy current application they don't need to page through results.

I find myself looking into horrible alternatives like loading an HTML table into an Ext panel or some such nonsense, but this is a huge pain point for users. I didn't get much better results with a ListView. Porting to Ext 4 for the infinite scroll is not a realistic option with this project's timetable. Any other brilliant ideas? Thanks guys!