View Full Version : ExtJs 3.x and CKEditor 3.5 causing problems

26 Apr 2011, 12:03 PM
We are embedding the CKEditor in a few places on our site, but it seems that the editor is interfering with the events on our ExtJS controls, when viewed from IE (versions 6-9, works fine in FF and Chrome). I’ve put up an sample page to show what I mean, it can be found:


Follow these steps to reproduce the issue:

When you first come to this page, you are able to type in the edit control that is on the toolbar that has the text in it “try and type”
Click the “Editor Window” button to bring up an ExtJs window with the CKEditor embedded
Click in the editor and type anything
Hit the close button on the window
Try and type in the editor in the toolbar again, the cursor doesn’t even show

This is just one example of the event model being screwed up when we have a CKEditor on the page somewhere. We have had other issues with buttons, file input fields, you name it, so it is not specific to edit fields.

Any help or suggestions would be appreciated. I’m also creating a ticket with CKEditor to see if they have any ideas.